Discover Why Wine is the Perfect Gift for Christmas, Birthdays & More!

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Discover Why Wine is the Perfect Gift for Christmas, Birthdays & More!

November 2, 2019 wines 0
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Whether you are looking for a good gift for someone who is “hard to buy for” or you are looking for a gift that is perfect for just about any occasion there is one answer that stands head and shoulders above anything else …

It’s true, go back through history and wine has always made a good gift –
and that fact still holds true today.

In fact, when looking back at history you’ll see that residents of ancient
Greece thought wine was literally a gift from the Gods and residents of
ancient Egypt thought so highly of wine that they even buried loved ones
with a plentiful supply for the afterlife.

Wine is still just as highly valued of a gift today as it was back then and in
this article we are going to look at some of the reasons why this is true as
well as at some do’s and don’ts of wine giving that will help ensure that you
give the perfect bottle of wine as your next gift.
So let’s get started …

So Why is Wine Such a Great Gift?

There are actually many reasons why wine is such a treasured present, let’s
take a look at just a few.

1) The wide variety of wine available lets you pick one that fits your
friend or loved one. In other words, giving wine allows you to personalize
your gift.

For instance, you could give a vegetarian wine to a vegetarian
friend or you could give a friend a highly recommended bottle of their
favorite type of wine like a merlot or a sauvignon blanc or a chardonnay.

2) The wide variety of wines available also means there are wines
for all types of occasions. Want to give a friend a really thoughtful special
Christmas gift?

There is a wine for that. Want to give a loved one a fun
Birthday gift? There is a wine for that as well. There are even wines that
have become associated with certain life events – for example, Champagne
and sparkling wines are associated with celebrations, like Birthdays and New Year’s, and Port has become associated with Christenings.

3) Wine also makes it easy to mark a certain memorable year or an
anniversary or birthday. You can get a wine that was bottled in a specific
year to celebrate the exact beginning year of a marriage. You can get a wine that is as old as a particular marriage anniversary or even a person if the wine is being given as a birthday gift.

4) Wine is also great for events and parties. You can bring a bottle
as a thoughtful gift for the party giver. You can also bring a bottle that
goes along with the meal that is planned so that everyone gets to partake of
your kind gesture.

5) Another great thing about wine is that you can use your gift to
honor a person’s heritage. For instance, if they are from South Africa you
can purchase a South African wine for them. If they have ancestors from
Spain, you can purchase a Spanish wine. It’s just another way that giving
wine allows you to personalize your gift.

6) One more benefit of giving wine as a gift is that it can be
beautifully packed in a wine box or in many cases the bottle itself is very
attractive and all you will have to do is add a ribbon to create the perfect gift presentation.

7) In fact, the wine, or just the bottle, could even serve as a
decoration for the gift receiver. Many people display wine bottles in their
home – so a particularly attractive bottle could allow the person who is
receiving your gift to get double the enjoyment – they would enjoy drinking
the wine and they would also enjoy viewing the bottle in a wine rack or on a shelf.

8) Unlike many gifts, wine lasts. In fact, in most cases, it gets more
valuable with age. That means your gift recipient won’t be under any
pressure to use your gift right away.

They could even save the bottle for another special occasion. This flexibility can make your gift even more special.

9) A gift of wine also invites sharing, allowing your gift receiver to
enjoy interacting with others. That’s another reason wine is such a great
gift. The gift recipient will be able to share your thoughtful gift and the
experience it creates with others that they are close to.

10) One more great thing about giving the gift of wine is that wine is
good for you! Studies have shown that drinking wine in moderation has
many health benefits, such as better mental agility, longer life spans and
healthier teeth.

More specifically, wine contains resveratrol, which is a potent
antioxidant that is found in the skin of red grapes.
This important ingredient may help protect against arterial damage and
reduce the occurrence of LDL oxidation within the body. It is also thought to improve blood flow in the brain for improved cognitive function and it even helps muscles use oxygen more efficiently to enhance performance.

Happiness delivered, under the hour.

Consider these findings from a recent study available at

Resveratrol was shown to kick start the SIRT1 gene, which is thought to aid
in fat burning. SIRT1 is believed to halt the formation of immature fat cells
which can grow into dangerous abdominal fat. In other words, drinking
wine could even help you lose weight!

In a 2006 study, scientists found that overfed mice stopped gaining weight
when given resveratrol. The mice also became more fit, healthier and slowed down their aging process.

That study is available at:

Now that we know a few of the many reasons why wine makes such a great
gift, let’s look at a few do’s and don’ts when it comes to giving wine.

The Do’s of Giving Wine as a Gift

Do consider the size of the bottle you are giving as a gift. Larger
bottles, like magnums, can be impressive and make your thoughtful gift
seem even more generous – especially if you are going to be in a festive,
party atmosphere.

Something else to keep in mind when parties are involved is that simple
party wines, like Champagne or sparkling wine, presented in a magnum size bottle, can help take the pressure off the hosts.

They will have plenty of “good bubbly” to serve their guests as the night
goes along instead of worrying about if they bought enough wine and other
booze for the party.

On the other hand, if you are going to a dinner or other special occasion with a limited number of people then a standard bottle of wine would be the better choice.

A standard sized bottle would also be better if you are expecting
your gift recipient to keep the wine and drink it later.

Actually, you should never expect your gift recipient to open your bottle “on the spot.” It’s their gift let them open the bottle when and where they feel is best.

To take the pressure off the host you can include a note with your gift, like- “for your collection” or “for your cellar.” Or you could just mention to the
host as you are giving them the wine that you thought this would be a good
vintage for them to try “sometime.”

Additional tips when giving wine as a gift include:

 Always take your friend’s tastes into account. If your friend is a
white wine fan be sure to get him or her a good bottle of white wine.

Don’t force them to try something just because you like it. Get
something you think they will appreciate and like.

 Wine as a wedding gift. Yes, wine can make a great wedding gift
but there are a few things to keep in mind. For instance, you may
want to couple your bottle of wine with another related gift like a wine
rack or wine cooler.

If you just want to give a bottle of wine the rule of thumb is that your gift should be worth at least as much as it cost the bride and groom to have you as a guest at their wedding.

If you can’t attend the wedding or another type of celebration, like a
birthday or Christmas party, and you plan on shipping your bottle of
wine – be sure to closely read US and national shipping laws to ensure
your wine will make it to its intended target.

 Getting a bottle with some history behind it. When giving wine as
a gift you may want to give a bottle that has a story behind it or that
you are purchasing for a reason.

Then be sure to give your gift at time and setting where you can talk to the recipient about the wine and why you are giving him or her this particular one. This can make the whole gift even more special.

The Don’ts of Giving Wine as a Gift

Don’t underestimate or ignore your friend’s tastes. As we mentioned
previously giving a simple wine in a party setting can be a good idea but
when giving wine as a birthday or Christmas gift you don’t want to offend
the recipient by giving them a basic or inexpensive wine.

If you give a “cheap wine” you can make the gift recipient feel like they are
being taken for granted. To avoid this, consider what types of wines your
loved one or friend enjoys and then find a highly recommended bottle in
your price range that you think they will enjoy trying.

Another don’t of giving wine as a gift is – don’t get carried away
with the presentation of your gift. Remember, heavily wrapping your
bottle of wine or putting it in a box can cause it to heat up which could
ultimately ruin the taste.

Often it is better to just put a ribbon on a bottle and let that simple
presentation do the talking. Keep in mind, many wine bottles are very
attractive and it would be a crime to hide them in wrapping paper or in a
cardboard box.

And it you are giving a very expensive bottle of wine you may want to
transport it in a cooler to ensure your friend or loved one gets the best wine gift possible.

Another don’t when buying wine as a gift is – don’t get carried away
and buy an obscure wine that you know little about or have never

It is much better to do your homework and learn about some good wines in
your price range and then buy one of those.
It’s too easy to select a wine that your friend won’t like when you just take a
guess and select one. Do your homework and get a good bottle that is highly recommended to ensure your gift is special or get a wine that you have tried before and think the gift recipient will like.

Another don’t to keep in mind would involve what type of wine you
select. Don’t select a type of wine that is inappropriate for an occasion or
that you know your friend doesn’t like. If your friend is a red wine fan, don’t get white wine. If your friend likes chardonnay don’t force them to try Pinot Noir.

So if you are to stay away from obscure wines what are some good
choices for gifts?

California, Italy and Burgundy wines from 2016 are known for being
extremely tasty and highly collectible. These regions are also known for
providing good value for your money.

One More Great Thing About Giving Wine as a Gift …

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