Drinkos Lease

Beer, wine & more delivered in 60 minutes or less.

Drinkos makes it better. 


Drinkos is an online beverage delivery service that delivers wine, beer, and other non-alcoholic beverages to 

customers within 60 minutes or less. Here is how the process works: 

1. The customer visits Drinkos.com online or through the Drinkos phone app and orders the wine, beer, 

and other items he or she desires. The order is assumed to be delivered within 60 minutes unless a later delivery time is requested. 

2. The Drinkos Driver is dispatched with the delivery from the nearest warehouse. 

3. Upon arrival, the customer must have his or her ID ready to be scanned by a third party ID verification system, which is accessed through an app in the Driver’s phone, to verify legal drinking age. 

4. Once legal drinking age is verified, the order is fulfilled. Drinkos inventory consists of “regular” wines ranging in price from $8.99 to $25.99, fine wines priced above $25.99, popular beer brands, craft beers, water, soda, ice, and gift basket options. 

What differentiates Drinkos from other alcohol retailers is not just the speedy delivery time, but the emphasis on educating customers about what they are purchasing.

Drinkos has its very own Certified Sommelier, who is responsible for describing the wines, writing blog posts, and featuring videos on Drinkos products and the latest beverage industry trends.

This educational component not only teaches consumers about what they are drinking, but also works as a marketing ploy to get people excited about Drinkos. 

By having its own licensed warehouses, Drinkos has full control over its inventory and its drivers this equals consistency with every delivery. 


Drinkos’ core target market consists of middle to upper class adults between the ages of 25 and 54, with 

particular emphasis on mothers in their 30s and 40s in the Cincinnati area. Based off of current Drinkos service 

out of Cincinnati, most orders are coming from the northern suburban neighborhoods. 

Locations & Licensing: 

Cincinnati is Drinkos’ primary location, with Dayton soon to follow. Given the information gathered in regards to target market, the ideal Drinkos warehouse locations are in the Sharonville and Blue Ash area because of the proximity to all three major interstates.

With this interstate access our Drinkos Drivers could deliver to our largest target demos within 30 minutes, which is a key component of the Drinkos business model. 

Because sales of alcoholic beverages are tightly regulated by the state, each Drinkos location will be required to obtain a license. Even though Drinkos does not plan to open the location for on-site sales to the public, the warehouse will need to have a license similar to a retail store – allowing for sales of alcoholic beverages to be consumed off-premises.

The process for obtaining a license takes 10-12 weeks. Our intention would be to sign the lease and make rent payments while the liquor license application is pending, but have an option to cancel the lease if the license application is denied. Look & Feel of Drinkos Facilities.

Each Drinkos facility will consist of a front office space with warehouse space in the back. The office section will function as a welcoming space for those who may visit the site as well as an area for employees to work in a comfortable atmosphere.

In the back warehouse space wine, beer, and other Drinkos products will be stored. It is here that orders will be processed and gift baskets created. Drinkos Drivers will also dispatch from this area. 

Expansion Plan: 

Drinkos plans to be in all major Ohio markets by late 2015/early 2016, with greater expansion into Northern Kentucky and Indianapolis by mid 2016. 


We look forward to the opportunity to establish a Drinkos warehouse in your location. We believe that your site fits well into our expansion strategy and hope that we can work together to develop a successful mutual business at this location.