Beer, wine & more delivered in 60 minutes or less.

Increase your store’s sales!

What is Drinkos?

Drinkos is a 3rd party provider that can increase your store’s sales with the help of advertising, marketing, product education, and providing convenience for your current and future customers. By signing up for the Drinkos Program you open up a world of possibility through the use of delivery – a service that is currently trending with no signs of stopping!

How Does Drinkos Work?

As a monthly subscriber to our program you have access to the Drinkos website and app where you can advertise your inventory (including wine, beer, and spirits ); all customers in your designated area using Drinkos will be directed to your “section” of the website. Here they will be able to order from your inventory and purchase it.

It’s then up to you to deliver the order in 60 minutes or less. Through Drinkos you are able to reach a much wider market, including but not limited to office parties, social events, weddings, game days, and those that just want to take advantage of the convenience of delivery. You get 100% of the sales and the benefit of increased business.

What’s in it for Us?

With each order through Drinkos there is a delivery fee that we acquire. There is also a monthly flat fee that is determined by the amount of sales your store does per month through Drinkos.

What We Provide:

  • Training for the drivers
  • 3rd party id verification system
  • Stickers/Magnets for your car (after X amount in sales?)
  • Attire (polo shirt with logo, “We ID” button, and branded ball caps/driver)
  • Access to the Drinkos website and app
  • Drinkos marketing materials (TBD by Rachel and Kristen)
  • Monthly visit from a Certified Sommelier to help select, describe, and do a short online video for products you want to feature on the website & app (wine/beer education is trending!)
  • Packaging materials (X amount for first month, then based on sales?)
  • Gifting materials (provided they sign up for gifting, which is a separate option within the contract)

How To Sign Up:

Fill out an application. Upon acceptance, we will set up a meeting to look over the store, meet management, and provide a contract stipulating Drinkos’ guidelines.